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Designated Driver Private Car Service LLC

  Domestic Limited Liability Company 

                                 IRS Department Of The Treasury                                 New Jersey Department Of The Treasury

Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

                       Qualified by NJMVC to Operate a Limousine                                              Who's Who In America 2023 Honored Listee                                                   Better Business Bureau Of New Jersey                          

A+ Rated Accredited Business

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Your Personal Chauffeur And Vehicles

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Bobby Corcione

"I've always loved going for a drive and still do to this day...
My first 'chauffeur job behind the wheel' was on my eighteenth birthday
                       for my uncle and mentor Angelo Corcione who rode shotgun                          while our client sat in the back seat
from The Bronx to Madison Avenue and 72nd Street in New York City...
It was a very exciting and memorable experience...
Driving for me certainly has got to be in the genes!


~ Routinely Tested ~

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Negative COVID-19 Test Results

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Bobby Corcione

 I have driven thirty-eight states in the Conterminous 🇺🇸 United States

Bahamas  🇧🇸​  Bermuda  🇧🇲  Saint Thomas  🇺🇸  Turks and Caicos  🇹🇨
      where Left-Hand 🚘 Traffic Laws are followed

       🇺🇸  Hawaii  🌴  Mexico  🇲🇽      

Mount Saint Michael Academy ✏️ Wagner College 📚 Berklee College Of Music
Owned 🖊️ Operated ✒️ Multiple 🖋️ Businesses
    Connecticut  🇺🇸  Massachusetts 🇺🇸  New Jersey  🇺🇸  New York

Warren Buffet Says
"Your overall happiness in life really comes down to four simple words
LOVE ❤️ WHAT ❤️ YOU ❤️ DO"
Sit Back  🚘  Relax  🚐  Happy To Have You On Board!


Who's Who  August 2023.JPG

Bobby Corcione

Owner  🚘  CEO
                        Designated Driver Private Car Service LLC                      
 Professional 🛣 Chauffeur
Lecture & Road Trained 📝 Airbrake/Bus/Limousine Operator
                 New Jersey 🚥 Class B Commercial Driver License                16 Passenger 🚗 Bus 🚐 Air Brake Endorsements
Stretch Limousine 🚙 Party 🚐 Shuttle Bus 🚎 Chauffeur
High School 🚎 College University 🚐 Bus Driver

Fingerprints 📃 On File With NJMVC
Clear NJMVC Criminal History 📄 Background Check
D.O.T. Medical 🏥 Certificate 
          AARP Smart Driver 🖊 Certification     
Pfizer Vaccine 💉 COVID-19 💉 3 Pfizer Booster Vaccines
Pfizer Omicron Vaccine 💉 Flu Vaccine
✋🏻 Advocate
 Better Business Bureau Of New Jersey 🏛️ Member 
Who's Who In America 📜 2023 Honored Listee 
"There Are No C
ompany Employees...I AM The Company"

Designated Driver Private Car Service

~ Advocate For Safe Driving ~

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